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Please fill in the information
警告:  本产品含有尼古丁。 尼古丁是一种令人上瘾的化学物质。





Are you 21 or older ?本网站含有尼古丁,仅适合 21 岁或以上的人士。

Are you 21 or older ?本网站含有尼古丁,仅适合 21 岁或以上的人士。




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  • How can I become your wholesaler or distributor?

    please contact us via email

  • How can i buy OXBAR products?

    1,search OXBAR on google and find the online vape store in your country

    2, contact us via

  • Can i get more information to promote your products?

    Sure! Please email, and we will offer a wide variety of marketing materials to support you.


  • OXBAR's warranty and return policy?

    Please contact the retailer where your device was purchased, and provide your original purchase receipt.

  • How do i use OXBAR products?

    Simply open the package, and then take a hit!

  • How can i spot a fake OXBAR product?

    1. Security code image

    Real: The image is smooth and complete, and seamlessly connects with the surrounding dots. And the image is consistent with the light source.

    Fake: The image is grid-like as a whole, with band-like afterimages connected, while the image is opposite to the light source.
    2. Security Code

    Real: click "Verify Product" on this page , if it shows 'Valid security code!.

    Fake: click "Verify Product" on this page , if it shows 'Security code input error!.

  • How can i know when an OXBAR product is empty?

    When you cannot puff out anything, it is empty. But the last draw will not taste burnt at all, as our OXBAR is consistent from beginning to end.

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