OXBAR Magic Maze Pro Disposable | Review
Author: OXBAR 11, Nov 2023
The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro is an innovative new disposable vape that stands out from the crowd. OXBAR is the sister company of vape manufacturer OXVA.

The Magic Maze Pro has a massive 10,000 puff capacity thanks to the large e-juice reservoir. It uses a long-lasting 900mAh rechargeable battery with USB-C charging.

What makes the Magic Maze Pro unique is the adjustable wattage, ranging from 11-15W. This allows you to customize the power output. It also features adjustable airflow so you can tailor a tight MTL draw or an airier DTL hit.The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro currently comes in 15 flavors, some in collaboration with 'Pod Juice' (see below)

Design & Build Quality
The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro has a relatively unique design. It ditches the usual solid plastic shell for a transparent outer casing.

Underneath the transparent shell is a cool, colorful chequered pattern. I’m guessing they were aiming for it to look like a maze, as it has raised sections, but it just looks like a chequered grid to me.

However, OXBAR has done a good job with the color gradients on this top section. Most match the flavor profile within the device and are very vibrant.

This section also has the ‘OXBAR Pro’ branding and flavor profile printed on the front panel. It’s quite large.

There are a couple of the range that seem to be in collaboration with ‘Pod Juice,’ and they adorn that logo instead – which is even more in your face.

Overall, the whole aesthetic of the device is modern, distinctive, and eye-catching if you like bold devices.

In terms of dimensions, it’s on the larger side at 88mm tall and 50mm wide. However, it’s surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to hold, even though it’s quite a boxy disposable.

The mouthpiece is slim with a tapered tip that fits nicely between your lips.

Adjacent to the mouthpiece is a small lanyard loop for those who like to wear their device as a fashion accessory. There’s also a lanyard included in the kit.

The Magic Maze Pro feels extremely durable overall. I accidentally dropped it several times on hard surfaces, and it didn’t sustain any damage. So, the build quality seems top-notch for a disposable.

The bottom section of the device is the most interesting part to me.

It’s a solid-colored panel with the ‘Magic Maze’ branding raised on one side and an interactive LED display on the other.

The screen displays your juice level, battery life, and current wattage setting.

When you take a puff, it will display the battery percentage for a few seconds (with a small electric symbol next to it). Then, it will change to the remaining juice percentage (again with a matching symbol).

It stays active just long enough for you to take a quick glance.

However, beneath the screen is a small button that you can press at any time to make the screen active. This button also allows you to adjust the wattage.

When pressed, it will show your current wattage setting, and then with each further press, it will increase by 1W increments. The range is always between 11-15W (and it does round-robin).

The wattage adjustment works well, but the Magic Maze doesn’t stop there. It also has a fully adjustable airflow.

On the device’s base, you’ll find the slider to control the airflow. It has an excellent range. Fully closed provides a tight MTL draw, while fully open offers a nice restricted DTL hit.

There’s also the Type-C USB charging port on the underside of the device.

So the Magic Maze Pro definitely is a ‘Pro’ disposable, giving you the ability to adjust power and airflow to tailor your experience.

The only thing it’s lacking is pass-through charging. So you won’t be able to use it while you’re topping up the charge.

OXBAR has done a great job at nailing both the aesthetic and functional elements of the design with the Magic Maze Pro. Let’s see how well it performs.

Bubble Melon – This flavor perfectly captures the sweet, juicy taste of ripe honeydew melon. Each puff fills your mouth with a refreshing melon flavor, made even more vibrant by the subtle notes of bubblegum on the exhale. It’s a bright and uplifting vape.

Fruit Paradise – The Fruit Paradise flavor is a mouthwatering blend of tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, peach, and guava. It’s sweet yet tart, with layers of exotic fruit flavors. It reminds me of a Hawaiian cocktail garnished with slices of fresh tropical fruit. This flavor is ideal for fruit lovers.

Blueberry Strawberry Dragon Fruit – This is a delicious medley of plump blueberries, sweet strawberries, and the mild sweetness of dragonfruit. The blueberry and strawberry flavors are most prominent, lending sweet berry notes, while the dragon fruit provides a smooth, creamy background. It’s a complex yet balanced fruity vape.

Tiff Jewel Mint – Cool, crisp, and refreshing, the Tiff Jewel Mint flavor is reminiscent of peppermint candy with a hint of icy menthol. Each puff provides the sweetness of peppermint candy upfront, followed by a cool rush of menthol on the exhale. It’s an invigorating minty flavor that is ideal for an after-meal vape.

Strawberry Watermelon – The strawberry watermelon flavor offers the perfect balance of sweet, juicy watermelon and fresh strawberry undertones. With each puff, you first taste ripe watermelon that quickly gives way to fragrant strawberry nuances. It creates a smooth yet fruity vape that isn’t overly sweet.

The performance of the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro is exceptional, especially for a disposable vape.

The ability to adjust both your wattage and airflow really gives it the edge over other disposables.

The flavors taste bold, accurate, and consistent from the first hit to the last. Even as the juice level depletes, the flavor stays just as vibrant.

However, I must add that even though I was impressed by the flavors I tested. It was very apparent on the first few puffs that these were 5% nic disposables.

Not just from the immediate nicotine rush, but there was an underlying nicotine flavor that took a while to disperse.

It’s not something I’ve noticed before with OXBAR disposables, and it may have just been that these were sitting around for a while before I got to use them.

I would’ve loved to see these in a 20mg (2%) version.

It’s also worth noting that even though I enjoyed the flavors I tested, especially the Bubble Melon and Fruit Paradise. It was only a third of the available offering. So, I can’t comment on the accuracy of the others, but they do look like exciting blends.

Where the Magic Maze Pro really comes into its own on the performance front is the adjustable power. Surprisingly, it makes more of a difference than I expected to the vape experience on a disposable.

At the lower 11W setting, the flavor is concentrated, and the vapor production is modest. This would suit those who want a tight MTL draw that’s not overpowering.

Bumping it up to 12-13W provides the ideal balance of rich flavor and ample vapor.

At the highest 15W setting, the vapor production increases, but you lose a bit of nuance in the flavor. However, with the airflow wide open, you can get a restrictive DL if that’s your thing.

After testing all the settings, I found 12W to be my sweet spot. The flavor pops, but the vapor remains smooth and satisfying rather than harsh. I set the airflow to halfway, delivering a lovely medium MTL draw.

It really is great to be able to fine-tune both your airflow and power on a disposable. Thankfully, it’s not just a gimmick on this device.

The draw activates easily with the auto-firing feature. There were a couple of times when I had the airflow wide open that it had a few hiccups.

But I’d put this down to user error as I wasn’t taking deep enough inhales.

The battery life and puff capacity are tricky to gauge with this device. As it’s entirely dependent on your setup.

Due to my testing all the different ranges, I can’t give exact figures.

However, I can say with my most common setting of 12W and half-open airflow. I was getting 2 days between charges of the 650mAh battery, which is excellent.

I’m also confident it was getting close to the 10,000 puffs over my two weeks of testing.

If you choose to run the wattage higher, or use them in DL mode. Then, expect the puff count to be considerably lower.

All in all, the Magic Maze Pro has outstanding performance. The flavor and vapor exceeded what I expected.

Being able to customize the power output and airflow makes it incredibly versatile, and it is currently in a class of its own.

After extensively testing the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro, I can confidently say it sets a new standard for disposable vapes.

Being able to tailor your disposable vape through the adjustable wattage and airflow takes it to another level.

It’s well implemented by OXBAR and works incredibly well, better than I expected.

The Magic Maze Pro also has an impressive range of flavors. Each delivered an accurate and enjoyable experience without being too sweet or too icy.

My only criticism is that they are only available in 50mg, and in the first few puffs, I could taste the nicotine.

However, the customizable options combined with the long battery life, massive juice capacity, and slick design make this an extremely impressive, long-lasting disposable.